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Samsung’s 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega Smartphone Hits the U.S. at the Worst Possible Time

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Samsung is about to bring a gigantic smartphone to several wireless carriers in the United States, but it’s not the one you’ve been waiting for.

Starting August 23, AT&T will sell the Samsung Galaxy Mega, a « phablet » with a 6.3-inch display, for $150 on-contract. Sprint and U.S. Cellular also plan to sell the Galaxy Mega, but haven’t yet announced release dates or prices.

The Galaxy Mega has the distinction of being an extra-large phone with extra-average specs. In terms of power and pixel density, it’s actually a bit worse than Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, which is now a year old.

It’s also less powerful than LG’s Optimus G Pro, which is just $100 on AT&T and and has a faster processor, more RAM, more storage, a sharper display and a better camera. (TIME Tech editor Doug Aamoth spent a lot of time with the Optimus G Pro, and didn’t…

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Une nouvelle programmation pour Ztélé pour 2013-2014

Activision Explains Why They Decided To Bring Call Of Duty Ghosts To Wii U

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Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed to Joystiq exactly why they decided to bring Call of Duty: Ghosts to the Wii U. Hirshberg says that the company is determined to see the Wii U become a success and they believe that bringing Ghosts to the platform could well boost the disappointing sales. Hirshberg says if the platform does become successful then it’s ultimately great for Activision.

“The driving force behind us bringing Ghosts to the Wii U is the same as every other platform, it’s just we want to do everything we can to make the first-party successful. Obviously if they’re successful, that’s good for our business, that’s been our strategy in the past, we’ve been a very kind of platform agnostic company. We generally try to be wherever our gamers want to play. So we thought if our content can help the Wii U and Nintendo gain some momentum, then…

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On N’a Pas Honte! #152 Spécial Six-Pack de l’Été

l’evolution des graphique de la ps1 a la ps4

Grande Utopia EM


La grande utopia EM une enceinte unique en son genre à la foisstyliser et d’une perfection en soi creer par le groupe focal .une merveille d’ingénierie avec sa technique de cône en W et c’est tweeter en béryllium pur. la Grande Utopia EM adopte un woofer à électroaimant (EM) 

les spécification de la bête :


Colonne bass-reflex, 4 voies


Grave 40 cm « W » électromagnétique

 Bas médium 27 cm « W » Multiferrite

2 médiums 16,5 « W » Power Flower

        Tweeter IAL2 27 mm à dôme inversé en Béryllium pur

Réponses en fréquences (+/- 3db) 

18 Hz – 40 kHz

Réponse à -6db 

14 Hz

Sensibilité (2,83 V/1 m)

94 dB

Impédence nominale

 8 Ohm

Impédence minimale

 3 Ohm

Fréquence de filtrages

80 Hz / 220 Hz / 2200 Hz

Puissance ampli recommandée

50 – 1500 W

Dimensions (HxLxP) 

2012 x 654 x 880 mm


260 kg

pour finir un petit avertissement à tous les gens avide de technologie pour se procurer une paire d’enceintes grandes utopia il va falloir débourser la modique somme de $180000 pour ce qui est de moi je m’abstiendrai..